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Internazis Go Straight For the Health System Jugular, Like Every Totalitarian Before Them

Internazis Go Straight For the Health System Jugular, Like Every Totalitarian Before Them
The people don't want "Obamacare"

Norton Mattoon Thomas ran for president six times as the Socialist Party candidate. From his own lips:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened ... The Democrat Party has adopted our platform."

And that was 1944, 65 years ago. Socialism is nothing except an effective means to control people. Germany's national socialism of the 1930s went straight for the jugular of the health system also. Control a nation's health and you control the people of that nation down to the smallest detail.

Democrat imagery is becoming
increasing demagogic (view animation, 470kb)

As a member of the excellent Rush 24/7 web site, I was very glad that they took my advice and used this animation as the basis for their own in early August as I hoped, a day or so after I emailed it. It caused a lot of hand-wringing on Leftist websites such as "mediamatters", as the truth is wont to do.

The animation compares a number of interesting things. Not only the obvious wings-symbol arrangement, but also the way that light eminates from that symbol, and the crowd of followers, are both very propagandistic tools, and share a direct lineage with the 20th century's worst despots.

The democrats are socialists now - no one is particularly surprised by this. But what must be more widely understood is how in America, socialism has spawned international socialism (internazism) i.e. a socialism that hates its own national host. This is to be contrasted with socialism in a country such as France. France has been run by socialists for years. But those people still stand up for France!

The phenomenon of the international socialist (internazi) is largely unique to the US, Canada, Britain, and Australia. These are socialists who fight for the national interest of other nations. And just in case people call that treason, they have invented a political ruse called "globalism" to legitimize it. (let us not forget that people like Napoleon were big globalists. They wanted a world run by them, for them.)

As with all totalitarian models, internazism poses a huge threat to peace. In 1930, national socialism had been brewing for years. But still, most people did not want to accept that there was a serious problem emerging. With hindsight, it is completely obvious to us.

Like everyone else, I never expected to see these kinds of demagogic images and methodologies used by an American government. And yet here we are.

Let's hope we are seeing an awakening of the American people in progress. Tell one more friend, tell one more neighbor. Perhaps we can avoid this.

10:37 AM, Tuesday 1st September, 2009Category International Socialists


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